How Patients Benefit

  • Secure, private access to your medical information
  • Convenient access to your records, anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminate unnecessary redundant procedures
  • Faster turn-around of diagnosis and/or treatment

Life sometimes finds us in unexpected places. Since the need for healthcare is unpredictable, wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about whether or not our medical information will be there?

Take control of your medical information

eMix allows all of your medical imaging history to be easily accessed by authorized physicians from any location. Now, your medical information is available anywhere you are, eliminating the need to waste time or money repeating exams which were already performed at another facility. Your historical exams are available for comparison regardless of where they were acquired. Physicians can use this information to facilitate a more accurate diagnosis.

With eMix, you no longer need to wait for or distribute your own imaging results. Your physician can receive results automatically over the web and that means faster diagnosis and treatment for you.

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